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Travel in China 2014 (3)

This one is a mixed bag…

When I first started doing the Travel In China 2014 series, I was planning on displaying pictures I took according to my travel schedules. Unfortunately, I broke the rule in last post… Therefore, I am going to show you whichever I got to process.

  • These were taken on the train from Shenzhen to Chengdu. Train passed through Guangxi province and there were definitely some really nice sceneries.

    train1 train1 train1

  • This one was taken literally around 6 am in Chengdu because we got off the train around 4:30 am… It was a long day but the sunrise was also beautiful.


  • The following pictures were taken on the way to and around 羊措擁湖(YamdrokTso lake). The lake is humongous and incredibly rich in blue-ish green. We ran into 3 cyclists. Yes, they were biking at sea level of 14,570 ft. It was a steady 12-13 mile uphill. They are on their way from Lhasa to Mt. Everest base camp. The thought of them still makes my thights hurt.


  • It’s surprising to see the large fields of Rapaseed flowers in tebet. Dad and I are used to see the Rapaseed flowers in March. When we saw them in Tibet at the end of July, we kind of went crazy over them. So there are lots of pictures we tried to highlight the yellow awesomeness.


  • Besides the Rapaseed flowers, we also went crazy over the cairns…


  • This picture took me forever to take. Taking pictures at 14 kft above sea lever can kill a person. I have never thought that squating down and holding my breath could be this hard. It was also devastating to see that trash is everywhere and in the picture I just took…