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Data Carpentry Workshop at Iowa State University

It is always a great experience hosting and teaching data carpentry (and/or software carpentry) workshop at Iowa State University. Selfishly, this is because I am currently at Iowa State University, but also because we have many local instructors with great teach experiences and various teaching styles that I can learn from. Although it is a little bit delayed, I do want to summize some of the things we learned and maybe the experience could be useful for me as well as someone else in the future.

Shedd Microbiome

Shedd aquarium, located in the heart of Chicaog, is one of the most advantuarous place for people who grew up in the Midwest, US.But how many people get to say “My first visit to the Shedd Aquiarium was when I was 14, and now I’m working here as a microbiome scientist!”

Software Carpentry Workshop at NIH (NCI)

This is really fresh! I just finished my two day software carpentry workshop held at National Cancer Institute (NCI), Rockville, MD. The course went for 2 days, from June 9th to June 10th and taught by Jonathan Guyer, Adina Howe, and I. I was in charge of the unix shell and version control (git) sessions (Also many thanks to Dilip Banerjee, Lynn Young for the help!). Personally, I think the course went really well but there are definitely things I could adjust and improve in the future. Below is the run downs.

Travel in China 2014 (3)

This one is a mixed bag…

When I first started doing the Travel In China 2014 series, I was planning on displaying pictures I took according to my travel schedules. Unfortunately, I broke the rule in last post… Therefore, I am going to show you whichever I got to process.

Travel in China 2014 (2)

Lots of photoes…

I have so many pictures (years and years worth of pictures) that I have not but need to process. Since I will never have time, I’m determined to process 3 per day to show off my Ansel Adam skills. Today’s theme is Tibetan prayer flags.